Windows Mobile Email
You've heard of Blackberry, yes? No?  For those of you who have or are indeed using it, then be prepared for something far better and more cost effective.  For those of you who haven't then welcome to the world of mobility.
Leveraging the power of Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (part of Microsoft SBS Standard Suite) Windows Mobile Email is the ability to synchronise your email, appointments, contacts and tasks onto your compatible mobile phone or PDA (device).
Consider having all or some of the information you have in outlook available 24/7. Consider having someone add appointments to your schedule or contacts in your profile while you're on the road and have them instantly available on your device.  Why return to the office to see if you have that all important email sitting in your inbox when your inbox can come to you?  You delete an email on your device, it's deleted on the server and you don't see it when you return to the office or access it remotely.  It's the simplicity of centralised storage with multiple accessibility options.
10 Years ago you could be excused for not having email on your desktop, possibly even a fax machine, however, in this world of critical communication, in two years time the function of having your work/home email on your device will almost be a requirement.
Once you have the functionality on your device you'll wonder how you did without it.  It's the same feeling of converting from dial up to broadband Internet.  You wouldn't go back to dial up, would you?
Ideal business models for this technology are:
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Sales Reps
  • Solicitors
  • Service Agents
  • Contractors
  • Mobile Workers
  • Builders and Surveyors
A compatible device for mobile email to work can be in the form of an IMATE JasJam or any other Windows Mobile 5.0 Device.  You can see these at your local Telstra Shop on display.  Alternative devices can be located using the Microsoft link below.
For a complimentary live demonstration of this exciting technology please call Triple A IT using the phone number on the contact form.
For additional information including statistics, world wide takeup of this technology, compatibility of devices so on and so forth please visit the Microsoft Mobile website using the following link (US Site):
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