Where We Fit
Triple A IT fits in one of three ways into your organisation.
It's important to know information about our skills, abilities and product knowledge, but more important to that is how we can be of service to you and where we may fit inside your organisation.
We're physically located in Coffs Harbour.  Coupled with the Internet this provides us with a unique competitive advantage over many computer integration companies located in major capital cities around the world.  What's the advantage? Simple: COST!  Triple A IT has low overheads due to it's geographical location and can pass those savings directly onto you in how little we charge for our knowledge and expertise.
We don't have a lot of traffic or have toll ways or need to pay for parking and can utilise the Internet for phone calls and remote support, therefore, our overall cost of running the business is lowered, moreover, we don't need to make up extraordinary costs and hide them in an exorbitant hourly rate. 
Having said that, there are no shortcuts and our qualifications and experience are the same, if not better than our city bound competitors. We're skilled, we're qualified, we're accredited and we're wanting to work with you!
Support of IT, we believe, can be categorised into three levels.
First Level: Phone Support
Generally the telephone is used to support and qualify issues.  If the issue cannot be resolved by phone support, then we resort to second level support.
Second Level: Remote Support
With the advent of Terminal Services being built into Windows XP Professional, remote support took a giant leap in the overall serviceability of sites with computers.  Should phone support not be successful in resolving a client issue, then remote support is used to resolve it.  Sometimes, combinations of first and second level support are used to resolve an issue.  For most part, majority of issues are resolved this way.
Third Level: OnSite Support
Should the first two methods fail, then this is obviously the last resort, alternatively, sometimes it's just wise to be in front of the console or tape unit when doing test restores or server updates during regular maintenance.
Option 1
You're a company in Coffs Harbour or head office of a company that is operated and run from Coffs Harbour. 
This is a simple and the most logical fit.  We take care of all of your computing requirements, from creating and setting up new users and ordering new PC's and setting them up, to working with your software vendors to handle support and rollouts of version upgrades.  We work with you, hand in hand, to provide a complete outsourcing of your entire IT service, hardware and software needs.  On top of this, as a valued partner of your company, we roadmap your requirements and budget for it.
Shoud you be a parent company, we can also remotely manage subordinate sites, sister sites/branch offices and remote workers in the field or on the road.  We can arrange and work with local IT partners for any emergency onsite work, which only occurs during hardware failures or during local IT maintenance.
Any major infrastructure changes can be managed and implemented by Triple A IT.
Support type provided: First, Second and Third Level.
Option 2
You're a company located in Coffs Harbour, but have your support provided to you by IT companies outside the Coffs region or you're a company located in Coffs but are a franchisee or have a parent/sister company outside the Coffs region.
In this scenario, we become the local support and report back to the managing IT company of work performed, whether this be doing a tape restore, reloading a PC or replacing a power supply. 
Typically the managing IT company is your strategic partner in planning your infrastructure and is your trusted advisor.
Support type provided: Third Level.
Option 3
You're nowhere near Coffs Harbour, don't even know where it is and you obtain your IT services local to where your office is or parent Company is.
Typically in this scenario, you're looking to lower your costs on First and Second level support.  That is, for phone and remote support, you're looking to lower your bills.  It makes sense to outsource this to an experienced and qualified company that can do the same support or provide the same helpdesk features as your local support company but for a fraction of the charges currently being invoiced to your company.
This type of scenario leans itself to two subsets of management.
1 - You become a client of Triple A IT first and foremost and we become your trusted IT advisor and strategic planner and manage all of your IT infrastructure.  That is, while we can't provide onsite support on a day to day basis, we can still provide the most frequent type of support and handle any major works or infrastructure changes onsite ourselves in person.  This is a good chance to touch base and review agenda's at a planning level.
In this scenario, we still provide all of the hardware and software, first and second level support and major works onsite, but not handle any emergency or scheduled onsite maintenance visits. We use video conferencing on our phones to communicate or use it on our work machines to maintain in constant visual contact when having meetings abroad.  This tends to fill the void of a non physical working relationship.
We're responsible, along with yourselves, in choosing your local IT support company.  They in turn report back to ourselves, who then report to you.
Support type provided: First and Second. Third Level for major works only.
2 - We become the helpdesk support of your company and report to the managing IT company where requested.  From time to time, we may make recommendations to address common support issues.
Support type provided: First and Second.
Overall, we're not geographically challenged, we're geographically blessed.  This is a win for all and sundry.  Hopefully a win for you as well.
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