It's difficult to see through the smoke and mirrors sometimes to determine whether or not you're choosing the correct partner to assist you in managing your IT infrastructure.  
That's why we've done the hard yards for you and placed these fine references online. These are just more reasons for you to join our portfolio of quality clients.
All the persons listed here have provided these testimonials out of their own good will and we thank them.

We suffered every businesses nightmare. A disgruntled sacked employee armed with all our computer system usernames and password. This particular employee was in charge of the company IT. Although we suspected a malicious attack may be imminent we had no idea how or when it might occur, or how to protect ourselves. We were like 99% of companies, blissfully ignorant thinking, “it won’t happen to us”.
Sure enough, a month after his dismissal our former employee logged onto our system in the wee hours of the night via the internet. He deleted our server, backup mirror, and external backup drive partitions. Seven years of valuable data wiped in one short press of a button......or so he thought.
Luckily we had engaged Leonard the very day after we let go of our IT employee. Leonards knowledge and experienced had come to our defence.
Initially, Leonard was not made aware of this potential insider security threat. We engaged him only to make functional our poorly designed computer system that was crashing every other day. A short time after he arrived on site, fortuitously, both our server drives had been carefully replaced with new ones and the old ones with all our data were safely stored off site.
After our system was maliciously attacked, Leonard was engaged to rebuild our system with the data on our old drives and to shut down the possibility of a return visit by any hacker via the internet.
His standard procedures on the first day saved our data and saved our bacon. Since then he has built levels of security, functionality and reliability into our system that I thought were not possible. Last look our server has been on line 6 months continuously without a single issue. Thanks Leonard!
Peter Bulanyi
Solar Inverters Pty Ltd
Leonard and his team have provided specialised support and IT services to our company of Building Surveyors for in excess of 7 years.  Our firm is one of the largest in our field and rely heavily on IT infrastructure - the need for reliable and knowledgeable IT services is paramount to our success.
Through Leonard's personalised and highly skilled knowledge base we found that no problem was too small or too large.  His availability to take calls and promptly resolve any issues was an enormous benefit to our staff and ensured that our systems always operated efficiently.  His ongoing commitment to our systems made sure that we rarely had to make "emergency" call outs.  This is backed up by the fact that apart from ongoing and routine maintenance, our systems have not experienced any severe problems in many years!!
The loss of of Leonard will be the gain of many businesses in the local area he serves.  We would highly commend and recommend his services and wish him the best for future endeavours.
Robert Serapiglia
Gardnder Group
Building Surveyors and Consultants
I met Leonard Rogan approximately five years ago when he came to the rescue of our firm's floundering computer system.  Very shortly thereafter he formed his own company and in the next five years dragged our firm into the twenty-first century with his innovative ideas and expertise in the computer world.
Apart from his knowledge and expertise he is also able to deal with the day to day problems on a very "non computer expert" level i.e. he spoke English.  In addition I found Leonard to be very approachable, always available, very practical and all in all will be very sadly missed and anyone approaching him to seek his services will I'm sure be very satisfied with their choice. 
In summary I can only say I wish him all the very best in his new venture and wish him every success.
Ruth Brown,
Richmond & Bennison,
I first met Leonard Rogan when the company he then worked for was carrying out a computer upgrade for our business. 
We established a close working relationship and subsequently retained Leonard and his partner for all our business and personal IT needs.  That was almost 10 years ago and we have never regretted that decision.  Leonard has always provided us with time effective, skilled and innovative solutions to our business and personal IT requirements.  I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial.
Christopher Galagher
Senior Partner
White Cleland
Lawyers, Consultants and Notaries

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