Complete Care
Complete Care is a term we've coined that encompasses our commitment to our clients.
We believe that by partnering with Triple A IT you will receive "Complete Care".
The Complete Care system revolves around the following criteria:
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Onsite, Remote, Phone and After Hours Support
  • Maintenance
  • Quality Equipment
We have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place that guarantee's our response times to all of our clients.  This is a priority based system that means you're never without some form of support.
Our support can come in person, via the phone, via the Internet and even after hours or on the weekends by appointment.
We can also arrange for extended support hours should you require it.
Where possible we prescribe to a maintenance philosophy of your computer systems and software.  That is, we perform regular maintenance in order to catch out and detect any potential or current issues.  By constantly monitoring your system, we can better take care of the system that takes care of you.  Maintenance can be, and should be, a combination of onsite and remote methods.
We partner with tier one vendors to ensure your hardware is the best from a financial standpoint but also the best from a support basis.  By partnering with a tier one vendor you receive the benefit of millions of dollars spent on R&D to make sure that the components you're using work together, all of the time.  You'll benefit from minimal failures, thereby increasing your uptime and overall productivity. Why risk your business on the unknown, stick to something tried and true.
Complete Care is about our clients.  By recommending and implementing the "right solution" using the "right equipment" we believe that we're providing a responsible duty of care to our clients.
That duty of care flows through the entire lifecycle of our relationship as client and vendor.  We're proud to go beyond the call of duty for you.  It's what separates us from the rest.
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