Security within computing is a large area and concern for all businesses.
At the network level we use Firewalls, Anti Virus programs, Malware Scanners, File System Auditors and File Replication programs etc
At the local level we use Anti Virus programs, cables, USB keys, tokens, fingerprint scanners and many other programs and devices.
Triple A IT treats security as a major and very important business consideration within the computing infrastructure.  Management of your information is our primary function, keeping it safe and secure is our objective.
At the network and local  level we use vendors such as Sonicwall, Trend Micro, WebRoot, ScriptLogic and FileReplicationPro to help protect your network and data.
Many businesses protect their networks on the Internet through use of software or hardware Firewalls or both which is a good thing.  Many businesses do not protect their networks internally from local attacks, whether this be disgruntled staff or visitors or even children visiting their parents after school.
With the event of USB keys storage capacity reaching onwards and upwards, the procurement of "Your Data" has never been easier.  This needs to be stopped and audited as attempts to misappropriate information are on the rise.
At Triple A IT, we look at your entire landscape and put measures in place to ensure your infrastructure works well, works safely and works in a secure manner.
We'd love to come and meet with you and discuss any security issues you may have with your network infrastructure.  It may be as simple as disclaimers within emails or even content filtering.  You have a responsibility to protect your staff from inappropriate material circulating through the office.
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