Multi Site Solutions

I'm expanding my business from one single site to two sites with a view to have another two by the end of the year, can Triple A IT help me do that?

Absolutely! Triple A IT has an extensive knowledge of multi site scenarios, whether this be permanent remote offices or roaming remote workers, synchronising back to head office via secure VPN or using technologies such as Citrix or Terminal Services to enable the centralisation of data/applications/infrastructure and licensing.   We can also assist in the communications area in multi site companies.   If you feed us a high level scope, we will provide options for you.

How this is done depends on many different variables as each business is unique in it's requirements and it's locales.  We don't mind, we can help you in every which way.

I have a franchise and am having trouble with the management of my franchisees communications with head office and use of franchise tools, can you help?

Again, we specialise in multi site and distributed site solutions.  Call Triple A IT for a no obligation free chat.

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