Disaster Recovery
A good business is a business that has the ability to survive in the event of a disaster.  We don't know of any businesses that just wants to survive in this event, we only know of those that wish to continue business as usual or indeed thrive.
A tape/cd/dvd/ram drive backup in a lot of cases is inadequate in providing real time up to the minute recovery.  What is required is a lot more.  Using intelligent planning and deep analysis of your system we can provide up to the minute recovery of all data, including emails, databases and files.  We can even setup fully functional remote sites for a full disaster redundancy plan.
Using smart scripting and file replication we can replicate the data offsite for immediate recovery if required.  We can backup emails to disk and replicate those.  How often has a staff member left your firm only to have deleted all of their emails and files?  We can make sure you have access to all of their emails and files, even if the items are deleted as of yesterday or as of last month when they handed in their resignation.
Tape/cd/dvd/ram drive backups are complimentary to a disaster recovery plan and should be tested to make sure data can be restored if required.  We take care of this as part of our Complete Care System.
Most businesses at some stage have been bitten by the loss of data and it's crippling effects.  Some learn from it, others go out of business or come close to it.  Be sure you talk to us about having steps and systems in place to keep your information safe and secure in the event of a disaster.
We strongly recommend and partner with Backup Assist.
Backup Assist
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